What if a Master Key Mastermind Alliance Could Change the World? (Week 4)

Teenage Angst Resolved Through Blogging???

Teenager Angst

Is that even possible?  It is according to a Natural Awakenings article posted in August 2013.  Briefly stated, the internet is driving private diary entries out into the digital world of blogging where they’re making a difference in the lives of the authors.  As teenagers publicly vent about their woes – anxiety and stress, all it took was giving the ability to receive comments for them to form an online Mastermind Alliance.  After blogging about their negative angst, the primarily positive comments uplifted their mood in their time of struggle.  So, a teenager with the ability to Mastermind with a variety of people generated a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA)?  That’s astounding!!!

Thinking Differently Bridge to New Habits

Bridge to New HabitsSee, I was watching What the Bleep Do We Know? this weekend, which is a fabulous movie if you’re looking into understanding how the mind works.   It really reinforced the importance of habits, and how a simple steady habit can destroy old pathways and build new bridges to new habits.  This process works just as easily for bad habits as it does for good ones.

In short, “breaking a bad habit” means exactly what it says.  The mental pathway to that old nasty habit must be broken, literally, from its current location in the brain.  The only way to do it is to replace it with a new habit.  So, what would we have to do in this wild, wacky, world of ours to break some of the nastier habits?  How much positive response, and to who in particular, would be necessary in order to change the world?

Give More, Get More…of the Right Things

Give-GetIf we Get what we Give, who in the dickens keeps putting out all this negative energy in our world today?  Are we reaping what others have sown?  Can we plant new crops with better nourishment for our souls and our futures?  We (the collective global we) are surrounded by wonders of the world, beautiful architecture, fabulous miracles of Mother Nature, the innocence of children, the heartfelt joy in laughter, the camaraderie of great friendships, and the bliss of life which exists for us all, and the list goes on and on…But, the answer is US!  WE ARE DOING IT TO OURSELVES!!!!

Giving negative gets more negative.  Giving positive gets more positive.  From moment to moment, we are deciding what we pass on to as well as what we accept from others.  If we give the good in ourselves, we receive the good of others.  This reinforces the whole point of being in service to others.  I encourage you to take a good long hard look at yourself and your life.  Is your life full of what you’re trying to get rid of, or is it full of everything you want more of?  Then, ponder this thought…

The World is in Our Hands…in YOUR Hands

World in our Hands“Thoughts of courage, power, inspiration, harmony, are substituted for thoughts of failure, despair, lack, limitation and discord, and as these ………changes his environment; so that by this simple exercise of thought, a man changes not only himself, but his environment, circumstances and conditions.” – Charles Haanel, Forward, The Master Key System

There’s two types of people in the world:  Those who wish it was a better place, and those who don’t.  This class is teaching me the benefits of thinking positive and the importance of giving more to get more.  What would you rather think about if it would change your life and the world you live in?  Drop in some comments below and share your vision of this world and your plans to make it better.  Who knows, maybe our Mastermind Alliance will Change the World!!!!

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Julie Booz

Marea, your writing is a true inspiration! I just love the style of your writings! 🙂 Glad to be on this journey with you!

Julie Booz


    Julie, thanks!! I look forward to traveling this road together.


Terrific post Marea. Love to read your insights.


    Marie – Glad you enjoyed the read!

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