Week 2: Laying the Groundwork

Be?  Do?  Are?  Think?  Aaaaahhhhh!!!!

“4.  This is true because we must ‘be’ before we can ‘do’, and we can ‘do’ only to the extent which we ‘are’, and what we ‘are’ depends upon what we ‘think’.” – The Master Key System [Part 1]

What’s this all about?  For now, we’re laying the groundwork for who we are to BE, which starts with how to THINK.  With a strong foundation, building a new me will be something to last forever.  What’s the glue that holds the thinking together?  Readings and meditations.  How do I remember the adventure and track my progress?  Weekly blogging.

The Readings…


RoseLife is about stopping to smell the roses.  Planning vacations are to enjoy making memories with family and friends.  If you were to rush to the end, would you miss something glorious or uncover something new?  What if you read a book by following the author’s instructions in anticipation of the experience yet to unfold?  Would you find a new inner you?  Could your view of the world around you change?  Does your perspective on life alter and evolve into a greater sense of what’s important?

I ask because we’re reading two books each with distinct instructions on how to read them properly.  First, we have The Greatest Salesman in the World, by Og Mandino.   Just to be clear, this means reading each scroll 3 times daily for every day for 30 consecutive days.  Next up is Charles Haanel with The Master Key System with parts to be read once every day for 7 days until starting the next section.  Seriously, this is what the author’s TELL you to do in order to get the full benefit, meaning, and intention from their book.

I know, I know.  It sounds like a lot, but it’s barely 20 minutes when the readings are all said and done.  Then, Haanel tells you to sit…

Person Shaking Head and SittingThe Daily Meditations…

OMG, 15 minutes completely still?  Control your body to not scratch an itch?  — Thankfully, I was able to hone those skills in Week 1, but now you want me to stop THINKING!!!!!  ENTIRELY??  No thinking lays the groundwork for thinking?  Seemingly backwards, but I’ll follow along to see how this all goes forward.

Have you any idea the different types of things that come into your mind when you want nothing else to be in there except for space and blankness?  I thought of chores, people I need to call, the itch on my nose I wanted to scratch, what I had already accomplished for the day, what I still had to do for the week, and the list goes ON and ON with all the mundane things in life which permeate our minds.  All I want to do is shake my head from side to side to shake the thoughts out of my ears, but I’m supposed to be sitting still….

The Blogging…

What to write about?  Where to find photos which capture my meaning?  When is the best time to toss this journal entry out into digital space?  Do I focus on my experiences, or should I delve into the deeper meaning of our readings?  It’s all new to me, and I’m chipping away at it – the cement of my current existence – one piece, one word, one minute at a time.

By the way, the photos here are from morgueFile, and I they have many more which are totally awesome and free of copyright concerns.  If you ever need photos without a legal headache, it’s a great site to check out!

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Heather Plude

I really enjoyed this post… and the tip on the morguefile.com — priceless! I like http://www.publicdomainpictures.net But, I think morguefile.com looks even beeter!


    Thanks, Heather!!! I appreciate you checking out my blog. I wouldn’t be here without you getting the foundation all set for my blog and subblog. Anyone looking to get digital, check her out at http://freedomoutofthebox.com/turn-key-blogging/

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