Week 19: Dear Insight, GO TO BED ALREADY!!!

What’s So Scary about the 3 am Phone Call?

Red phoneDo you remember when the politicians were all about being ready to take the 3 am phone call?  Who freakin cares?  I mean, you answer, you talk to the person, you make a decision, and you disconnect.  Depending on who you are, maybe you delegate a task to someone else, right?

Let’s Talk About Insight for a Second…

Eyes-Wide-OpenInsight is those great ideas that keep you tossing and turning in bed at night.  They’re the BFOs – Brilliant Flashes of the Obvious – that you somehow missed in your conscious hours throughout the day.  So, it’s 1 am, and you sit BOLT UPRIGHT, eyes WIDE OPEN, and you START SCRAMBLING around in the dark looking for pen and paper to grasp this idea before sleep beckons you back and erases this genius insight you just had.  (Frankly, politicians should have more insight, if you know what I mean!)

Do You Know What is Scary?

Trying to sleep in bedRolling over in bed, covering your head with your pillow, and begging your great idea to go away so you can get some sleep already!  Who else is going to think of such a thing?  What other ideas might your idea spark further down the road?  Why squelch your inner passion and potential for success for a couple more moments of shut eye?

So, What’s the Answer?

pen and paperGet more insight!  Keep pen and paper near your bedside!  Be ready for that 1 am wake up call, and do something with it!  Share your idea, make a difference in the world, capture the moment where your subconscious sent you a message, and then go apply it (the next day during waking hours, if possible)!

Then, for goodness sake,

Dear Insight, GO TO BED ALREADY!!!

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John Kennedy

Great idea. I’ve done it before but sadly, I can’t read my writing in the morning or make sense of it if I can read it. 🙂

David Lewis

Great idea Marea, I have sometimes woken and scribbled it down in the dark and the next day attempting to read what I wrote was the fun part…Cheers!

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