Week 15: Children Believe First

Why Does it Take So Long for Adults to Be Convinced?

The innocence of children is truly – if a thing is said, then it must be true.  They look up to adults, mentors, and leaders in their lives, and they say, “Of course, I believe in you.”  Adults, on the other hand, need experimentation, science, facts, proof, and a whole list of other things before they buy into any idea to be concrete, real, and a possibility in their life.  What gives?  What happened to our innocence?  To our blind obedience and acceptance?  Hmm, is this what growing up is all about?  Seems like a rough road to go when sometimes beautiful things happen in your life when you simply believe they are possible.

If Adults Don’t Believe in Themselves, Who are They Letting Down – Themselves or the Children Around Them?

Santa Claus is DeadBoth, perhaps.  Somehow, the adult bounces back, and moves on to lose belief on something else as if it never really mattered..  Sadly, the child doesn’t.  Their hero falls from the sky.  Their idolization and confidence fades as the words uttered by the adults around them start to bring skepticism instead of hope.  In short, they’ve lost belief – Belief in what their elders tell them.  This happens with the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, their ability to succeed in life, and even their desire to go after their dreams with reckless abandon.  Ouch.  What a heavy burden for an adult to bare!  Wait, most people don’t know this is what younger generations are doing as they observe their elders – believing in them – until one day…

Children Believe all Things are Possible with the Master Key… 

Ice-Bucket-ChallengeIt’s funny actually, the stories Master Key Mastermind Alliance members tell me about the day it hits them – they’re a living example for their children.  SHOCKER!  When this moment happens, it feels like a cold bucket of ice water splashes over them to get their life in gear.  People 30-40-50-60-70 years of age realize, they have to start believing in themselves and taking actions towards living the lives they truly desire and fulfill their ultimate purpose in life.  Folks who had been procrastinating, doubting, or even just going through the motions of the MKMMA Course are now sitting bolt upright, standing straighter, and running full force forward to their destiny.

Blind Belief Leads to Motivation…Here are Some Examples…

Izanna has a young son in elementary school.  She’s taking the course, and shapes with SMART goals are plastered all over her house and car to remind her daily of what she wants most out of life.  Inside these shapes are short sentences and dates of when these things are to occur, if not earlier.  One day, she’s drifting from her objectives, and she overhears her son.

STORIES:  Check out Izanna’s Master Key Experience from the beginning …

He just came home with friends, and they asked the typical, “What’s the deal with all these things on the walls?”  He pointed to one shape, and he proudly spoke, “My grandparents are moving here next year.”  [We’re not talking down the street.  This is more like across oceans.]  They nodded, and the kids moved on to leave Izanna thinking, “OK, I have to get back on track.  He believes in me.  I can do this!”  Better still, SHE’S DOING IT!!!!

Color Outside Lines

Then, you have Carolynn, she and her husband spent years talking about moving to Costa Rica.  It’s now on her MKMMA Movie Poster Board, and she too has it in shapes throughout her house.  Each day they sit down with their son to find out how his day at school went.  This evening over supper he nonchalantly mentioned he started telling all his friends at school that he was moving.

STORIES:  Check out Carolynn’s Master Key Experience from the beginning …

Talk about a boot to the rear on something that was continuing to get pushed down the To Do List as distractions cluttered their plate and dreams faded from the forefront!  I’m delighted to share they ARE in fact moving to Costa Rica in the next coming months.  The whole family is on board with the process, and their son continues to believe that his parents can move mountains…or at least furniture.  🙂

What if All Things are Possible?  What Could You Accomplish?


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Carolynn Sokil (@IDoWooDoU_MK)

NOW if we could only get all the adults to take the class so they too could learn what Wayne Dyer taught us – If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. THIS is an opportunity to alter your direction to a straighter path to your dream reality – and allow your kids to do the same. SIGN up in the spot above and Marea will make sure you hear about the next release of this amazing course.


    Awesome, Carolynn! The children and grandchildren are the keys to our future successes. To give them the Master Key, we must first find it within ourselves and lead by example! Keep spreading the word!!!

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