Week 14: Life is Like a Symphony

We are but Instruments in the Symphony of Life

Charity DisparityEach person plays a different instrument and holds a particular position in the world’s orchestra.  The music builds suspense, creates tension, escalates to a climax, evokes emotion, generates smiles, and sparks tears.  Granted, it’s just a series of notes played by skilled musicians reading formal music using perfectly tuned instruments at the direction of a guide.  Seems simple, and yet each element contributes to the overall harmony of the experience for participants, attendees, and even those perhaps hearing the music from afar or at a later recording.  We tap our feet to the beat as we listen to the glorious sounds.

Without Harmony, There is Chaos!

Where would the tug-of-war team be if one person pushed instead of pulled?

Tug of War

How does the audience respond to a choir with one lone voice sounding worse than nails on chalkboard?

Expressions: Loud noise


What happens at a traffic light when one person ignores the red light and just keeps going?

Car Accident at Street Light

Oh, Harmony Makes Such Beautiful Experiences!

Can’t you feel the music and timing when watching Olympic ice skaters?

Ice Skating

Have you marveled in the ease and grace of a crew team as they paddle towards their goal?


Do you delight in the complexities required to organize a marching band formation?



Harmony is Everywhere!  Even in the Master Key Experience!

As course participants, we are advised of the importance of harmony from the first day.  Without harmony, we become a distorted group going in all different directions.  The discord of one throws off the beautiful music made by the remainder of the members.  Hence, we must all coordinate our efforts for participation in weekly exercises, regularly scheduled webinars, and the creation of blogs to journal our experiences.

“Remember, we learn by doing.  Reading these lessons will get you nowhere.  It is in the practical application that the value consists.” – Charles Haanel, The Master Key System, Part 14, Section 31

See, the thoughts to create our blogs make us evaluate about what we are reading.  Then, the writing of our weekly post enables us to process a bit deeper how we interpret the messages and apply the lessons.  Weeks and months later we marvel at the evolution of ourselves, our moods, our progress, our direction, and our successes.  With blogging, we have a point of reference as well as a finer tool to connect with the lessons and share with each other our struggles and our triumphs.

Together We are Strong!  Together We are a Symphony!

Remember to spread the love to share and comment on a blog today!  Be Harmonious!

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Together we are strong! Thank you for your excellent post once again


    Yippee, Izanna! Individual threads break. When braided together, they withstand great force. Three cheers to strength in harmony!

Carolynn Sokil

LOVE HARMONY – your words “The discord of one throws off the beautiful music made by the remainder of the members.” is so true. What would happen if an ant decided to just take a stroll away from the colony, chaos. Interestingly did you know the opposite of chaos is cosmos!?


    I had no idea that cosmos was the opposite of chaos. Seems to be a perfect fit! Thanks for the share, Carolynn!

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