Week 13: Happiness is the Wind Beneath My Wings

child with wingsFly, Fly, Fly!

I mean, why be happy all the time?  Why NOT?  Being happy is the easiest thing in the world to do.  I was told once that it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile.  Clearly, being sad takes a physical toll beyond the emotional one we’ve all felt at one point or another.  Children live to seek happiness, and they remind us each moment when they are sad or if someone hurt them.  Clearly, they’ve caught on to something we have somehow forgotten as we get older.

Happiness is Contagious.  Pass it Along!

When I am happy, I find I want to spend more time with my family and enjoy smelling the roses.

“If we can be truly happy we shall have everything the world can give.  If we are happy ourselves we can make others happy.” – Charles Haanel, The Master Key System, Part 13, Section 18.

I notice I am bubbly in nature, funny in conversation, and simply smiling to myself for no particular reason.  This attracts people to speak to me if even to just say “hi”.  I hold my head higher, I have a pep in my step propelling me to my next destination, and I am overall delighted in whatever awaits me in the next moment wherever I find myself.

Dare to Be Different!

flying womanWhen we walk to the beat of our own drummer, we find peace within ourselves, and our dreams unfold before us like unexpected gifts.  Concentrated thoughts on our true desires brings them into our lives with a sense of harmony never before known in a life of struggle and toil.  By embracing our true purpose in life, we light the path for others to follow.  Only the courageous take flight, and only the dreamers fly high.

The Day of the Dreamer has Come!

In the MKMMA Course, the words of Charles Haanel are structured in a comprehensive fashion with exercises, tools, and the establishment of habits.  We keep these tools with us long after the class has ended, and we evolve into the latest generation of dreamers.  Yet, our dreams are coming true – new jobs, new homes, improved relationships, promotions, more travel, increased business growth, discovery of our true gifts to share with others, and more!  Above all else, we are happy.  I mean truly, truly, truly, happy!  We have dared to be different, and we continue to live to tell about it.  Check out the blogs on the right side to read for yourself their discoveries and delights.

What’s Under Your Wings?  Where are You Going?

flying man

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// Happy Inside. Happy Outside!

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