Week 12: Procrastination is the Grinch that Steals Your Future

A Tree Without Ornaments is Just a Tree

It can be planted anywhere in the world.  Anyone can own it, water it, and enjoy the view.  It has no adornments, no decorations, no story to tell.  In short, it’s bland.  Just a treat from Mother Nature providing oxygen when we aren’t paying any attention to the lonely old tree.  At Christmas, we turn it into a piece of art, a representation of our past, and something to be admired.

Christmas Ornaments are Symbols…

grinch-stealing_tree…of places we have been, things we have done, people we have met, gifts we have made, gifts we received, and overall they represent the good times in our lives.  They are our treasures.  We unpack them every year and reminisce the memories.  We focus on the positives of the years gone, and we begin to plan for the delights of the future year ahead of us.

What would happen if they were stolen?

Procrastination Today Steals Next Year’s Ornaments

GrinchThe Grinch lurks within each of us all year round in the form of Procrastination.  Does any of this sound familiar?

“I’ll get to it tomorrow.”
“We can go there next year.”
“Nah, I don’t feel like doing that right now.”
“No rush, it’s always going to be there some other time.”

Time continues to tick by and the Procrastination Grinch continues to win.  To steal our hopes, dreams, and desires.


Do it now, DO it Now, DO IT NOW!!!  Don’t wait for tomorrow.  Write it down in your calendar, and GET IT DONE!  Make progress, create beautiful memories, treasure the simple moments, and take charge of your future.  Only you control what happens next in your day.  Make today a good day.  Do something you’ve been putting off for ages, and really feel how amazing it is to get it done.  Treasure that moment.  Really feel the joy in getting it done.  See, you can do it!  Now, go pick something else, and go do that too!  A pattern evolves and you are the winner!

Believe in Yourself and Get It Done Today!


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