Week 1 – I am truly blessed

That’s what she said

“I am truly blessed” is how her email started.  I received it on Sunday, September 27th, after the weekly webinar for the Master Key Mastermind Alliance.  First, I’m thinking, “Wow, these new members really want to get their DMPs reviewed!”  Then, I start reading the story of Debbie Questal, a member in my Guide Group from last year’s class.  She lives in Trinidad and Tobago, and she is a builder of miracles.

What did she say?

Her note brought tears to my eyes.  I’m standing in my living room, scrolling through my phone, tears pouring down my cheeks, and my husband wants to know what the matter is.  Is someone sick, dead, in trouble?  No, none of that.  Someone is building miracles, changing lives, and living the life she was always meant to live…and she somehow thought I had something to do with her greatness.  Just thinking about it makes me cry all over again.  I didn’t do it.  She did it every step of the way.  I’m honored to know Debbie, and I’m humbled to discover she thinks I had anything to do with it.

Here’s what she said

You should read her story for yourself…

Aloha Guys,

I am truly blessed to have completed the MKMMA course last cycle. I could not help but get excited all over again when the launch videos went live, needless to say that I tuned in to the first webinar.

ALA logoWow!! What a difference a year makes. The first line of my DMP read “Active Leaders Academy is in full operation by the 5thJanuary 2015 or earlier. I am the founder and director of the academy.” So I am pleased to report that after trusting the entire process the school has manifested and is up and running. I have to admit that it’s a lot of work but I am loving every minute of it.

My daughter and nieceI had the privilege of celebrating my birthday on September 10 with the kids which was the best gift ever. I watched them in awe as they ate the cake and ice cream that I bought thinking quietly to myself “This is what it means to follow your bliss”.

I would like to take this time to say a HUGE Thank YOU to my guide Marea for helping me make that shift while writing my DMP to own my greatness and just go for it. To Mark, Davene, Trish and the entire MKMMA crew, keep up the amazing work for you are truly transforming lives.

I am back again mainly because I have a lot more to do as from time to time the old blueprint creeps in. I recently caught myself with a lot of limiting thoughts while planning some fund raising activities for the school. Thank goodness I took advantage of the lifetime membership because my batteries certainly needs recharging.

ALA BuildingI have attached some pictures of the school so you can get a feel of my new reality. Since January 2015 we have launched the Pre-school, Daycare, Aftercare Unit as well as hosted Easter and Summer Camps. I am currently piloting the Primary school curriculum with a few students including my daughter who is also bursting with excitement.

Please feel free to share my story to let others know that the process works.

Love Alwaysme_ALA_Founder

Debbie Questel

To discover more, start here to read about Debbie’s Master Key Experience from the beginning.

What do you say now?

Everyone’s journey is different.  What’s yours?  Do you want next year to be different from this year?  Insert your name and email below, and start to work on yourself.  Make a change.  Take a chance.  Embrace your own greatness.  Start today.  Then, when the course opens up again, this could be your story.


Happy Inside. Happy Outside.

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Aaaaahhh an absolutely brilliant blog – thanks so much for sharing Marea. I felt so emotional reading this blog, knowing Debbie and how exciting it is to know her DMP has materialised. xx


    Thanks, Cheryl! It’s wonderful to share the greatness of others if only to serve as the reflection of their light.


You weren’t the only one with tears. I could actually feel all the gratitude being expressed in this beautiful shared moment of appreciation and manifestation. Much Love to you both.


    Oh, spread the tissues around! Thanks, Jen! Hugs right back at you!

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