I used to love snow days, and then I had kids

Snow is no longer fun, right Bizzy Moms?  I’m no longer off work relaxing, enjoying tea, and snuggling under mountains of blankets. Nope, I’m breaking up ridiculous disputes over not sharing as munchkins suffer claustrophobia and lash out at each other and themselves. Instead, I’m bundling up for sledding adventures, fighting off frostbite, gathering snow for snow cones, and generally being dragged away from warmth and relaxation.

To top it all off, I started a business while the munchkins were underfoot, and a day at home is intended to be a work day. Meetings, plans, webinars, drafting and researching new blog posts…. All thwarted. Everything postponed, delayed, set aside. ARGH!!!!

It goes without saying that the absence of productivity drives me nuts, irks me to no end, and turns me into Cruella DeVil. And then…. It gets better. Comcast goes kaput. Systems are down, VPNs kick out, and even online work comes to a standstill.  Are you kidding me???!!!!  How am I supposed to get any work done like this?!!!!

So, my plans to research a blog didn’t happen. Instead, I’m hiding away in my bedroom using 2 thumbs to type out a rant on why snow days aren’t fun anymore. Then, they’re fun again when digital employment halts, and I can enjoy just snuggling with my kiddos as they thaw off their frostbite. Ah, it’s not that bad after all.

Finger-weaving projects, painting canvases, slime, and other non-techie modes of entertainment are dragged out to woo the masses of chattering munchkins.  I heard reports of one person using a hard plastic kiddie pool, filling it up with snow, passing around mittens to the kiddos, and then diving in like it was an indoor beach day…with snow.  That’s creativity!  Gathering sleds, shovels, and brushes, we gleefully dove into the great outdoors.  Granted, people trickled back indoors as noses started to run, fingers started to freeze, and shoveling just got plain boring for others.

Meanwhile, I hid in the freezing solace of no one needing attention, no phones ringing, no text messages demanding attention, no meetings to race out for (had to cancel all due to earlier mentioned internet glitches).  Ah, sheer bliss in the midst of a blizzard.  I shoveled out my car, then another car, and then a couple of others.  Snow is the great equalizer and an amazing time to do random acts of kindness.  Hope you helped a stranger endure the weather this season!  By being out in the midst (instead of hunkered down in front of my laptop), I encountered the snow plow just after they had cleared some parking spaces so I moved the aforementioned cars to even BETTER snow free spaces!  OK, my luck turned around, and the silver lining came shining out in this close to zero degree weather day.

Of course, I thought I was warm until I got inside to discover my legs had turned into Popsicles in the 20 inches between the bottom of my jacket and the top of my boots.  The person needing comfort from frostbite?  Yep, that was me.  With a hot cocoa in hand and piles of blankets around me, this snow day turned out OK after all.  Especially, when everyone wore themselves out and fell asleep early…  ah, peace and quiet!

Enough about me, what did you do on your snow day as this wicked bomb cyclone worked its way up the east coast? Were you able to get work done? Did you have iguanas falling out of your trees?  What fun activities did you put together for your family? If you are home without kiddos, please tell me your day of bliss so we may all live vicariously through you for a moment.

As I commit to blogging weekly, some may be parental rants sharing how we have all been there, and others about the trials and tribulations of business building. Mostly, I prefer to share tips and tricks on how to succeed in the nooks and crannies of your days. So, sign up for the newsletter and stay in touch as we grow together!

For now, I start the habit, and I get better each and every day.  Thank you for your support and encouragement!  Most of all, thanks for the snow to remind me we are all human, and things get done when they are meant to get done….even if it’s Saturday morning instead of Thursday night.

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I love this. I love winter with kids. I’m a big kid myself.

    Marea Adejuwon

    I believe we are all kids at heart, Jesi!

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