There are small goals and there are BIG GOALS!!!

Ballet-Ballerina-202x200[1]Goals, What Are Your Goals?

I mean, have you really, really, really ever thought about it?  I’m talking more than, “I want to be a ballet dancer when I grow up.” kind of dreams.  I’m talking “I want to make a difference to myself, my family, my neighbors” kind of goals.  Let’s be honest with ourselves, our goals are not to work ourselves to death way until we’re 90 y ears old.  We only work to achieve our heart’s true target – family, freedom, love, and our own personal definition of success.  Go ahead and drop me a comment below about your true target.  

The Difference Between Attention and Intention

Here’s what Google searches yield as definitions…

Attention = "notice taken of someone or something; the regarding of someone or something as interesting or important."
Intention = "a thing intended; an aim or plan"

So, sure, you can have small goals – the kind where you think about them and say, “Yep, I can do that.”  Then, you really never get around to achieving them.  Or you can have BIG GOALS where you set targets, lay your sights on where you want to truly be, and then you go after them with a plan.  Whatever you do, DREAM BIG!  LIVE BIGGER!!


Set Big, Hairy, Bodacious Goals

That’s what I remember about a Darren Hardy audio recording from 2012 or perhaps 2013.  Ah, who knows.  His words still ring in my ears.  It was one of those rah-rah-rah-sis-boom-bah speeches around the beginning of the year.  It turns out Darren wrote a blog about living your best year ever in 2010.  I got it in a mailer from my network marketing company at the time which was just pushing goal setting as the be all and end all to making your dreams come true.


Of course, he called his audacious goals, while mine are bodacious.  I don’t want to consider big risks.  I want to be admired for having already taken big risks!


String_of_hearts-256x200[1]Live the Life You Were Meant to Live

See, sometimes our goals are just a manifestation of what lies within our hearts.  What lies in your heart?  If you make time to meditate to let the rest of the world fade away into the distance, then you can find your true purpose within your heart.  Once found, you can’t forget it.  Your Subconscious, or Subby, just won’t let you forget it.  


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