Parenting Snow Survival 101

February 13, 2014

“How do you keep your kids entertained when everyone is trapped inside?!”

That’s what I was asked by a good friend of mine.  Here’s the honest to goodness truthful answer which I provided her.  Disclosure Statement:  Comments are made in jest, and no one was injured during indoor snow day survival this afternoon.

“Ah, the old mommy-trick.  I don’t have one.  Some days they survive, some days they don’t.  Today, they lived to see another sunrise.  Thank goodness!  Seeing as how I was looking down the barrel of a 5-day in-home holiday thanks to snow storms, I knocked over the Best Buy store for a couple cheap kiddo flicks which they have kindly devoured two already.  Not the best thing to do, but it provides diversity to break up the day.”

Antique Train Puzzle - 2014-02-13     World Puzzle - 2014-02-13

[Mind you, the photos above are of an arms length puzzle on left and ~ 3 foot on right.]

“Today’s big project was puzzles.  They did 2 monster floor puzzles, and then later we dominated the dining room table with antiquated collector item style puzzles from my parent’s era.  They’d never done them before, so there was a certain level of intrigue.  That’s the mommy-trick, I guess – it has to be NEW and DIFFERENT.  Otherwise, you’ll never get their attention, and you won’t want to have anything to do with them. Blech on all sides.

Fresh Snow Cone - 2014-02-13

The goal is ultimately happy people – adults too, not just the kids.  I’m proud to say we’re not buried under 10 inches of snow.  Although, we did indulge ourselves in some fresh snow cones from the front yard.  Gotta love a bit of frozen acid rain to really clean out your insides!  Thank goodness for orange juice and cranberry juice to give it a bit of flavor when the kids decide to turn down the traditional maple syrup.  Seriously, they just don’t know what they’re missing!

I hope your snow day was pleasant!  Beware of yellow snow!”


How do you solve the age old question of indoor activities?

I’d love to know what your choices are as we endure day 5 of our No School Days courtesy of the good ole groundhog.  Jot ’em down below and share with us folks before we all go bald with tearing our hair out running out of ideas.  Keep ’em clean.  Keep ’em safe.  Keep ’em happy!  That’s really all we can do sometimes, right?  I’m enjoying my kids.  I hope you do too!

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