Opinions are Like A-holes – Everyone’s Got One (Week 5)

miniature-donkey-0022[1]Yes, you read that right!

Opinions, blech!  You grow up, and everyone says, “Mind your P’s and Q’s”, right?  And then, they turn around and talk about everyone else in the family.  Funny, right?  Until you realize everyone is allowed to have an opinion….except you.  Such is the way of the Master Key Mastermind Alliance too.  No opinions.  NONE, zero, zilch, zip, nada.  Well, unless you’re an expert.

Expert?…Well, that’s a matter of Opinion!

How do you know you’re the expert?  Someone tells you so, duh!  There’s a piece of paper hanging on the wall of your house or office, or perhaps it’s at the bottom of a drawer or stuck in a file folder somewhere.  Doesn’t matter.  You busted your butt and proved the words coming out of your mouth are to be trusted on certain things…like the topic around the rest of those words on that diploma, degree, or certificate starting to turn yellow with age right about now.

Of course, there is the life expert.  You lived it, survived it, witnessed the event, applied pretty much any or all of the 5 senses – sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste – to whatever it is you know so much about.  There is photographic evidence of some kind lying about the house as well as other witnesses who profess you to be knowledgeable on the subject matter.

Then, there is the truly root of all evil opinionated experts

I heard about this from so-and-so.

I just read in such-and-such.

You’re never going to believe what ol’ what’s her name just shared with me..

The true kicker here is this last group is just a bunch of know-it-alls passing around opinions.  Blech.  I repeat, blech.

No OpinionsGet Down to the FACTS!!!!

For one week, for one day, or even for as little as a bit of an hour (as long as you’re surrounded by people), just sit down, shut up, and listen.  I mean, really, really, really LISTEN to what it is that people are saying to you, to each other, to strangers, to friends, to themselves under their breath, to just about anyone within earshot.  Do your best to keep quiet.  Pinch your lips closed if you feel even the least bit tempted to snicker, yelp, or burst out a reply to these nincompoops.  Now, ask yourself.  Did anyone?  I mean, ANY ONEi, of the people, their comments, or the responses they elicited even really amount to anything more than OPINIONS?!

Give Credit Where Credit is Due

We are all experts in something, which means we all have an opinion about something.  The Master Key Mastermind Alliance teaches people to focus on the realities of life, and less of the absurdities of the mundane daily nonsense.  So, I spent over 4 hours this weekend at a family function sharing my opinions about my family…as I am an expert having lived with them the umpteen many years and decades of my life so far.  For what?  For nought.  There were plenty of opinions tossed around by others that inflicted more emotions than they shared any memory or transferred any knowledge.  I credit the Master Key Experience for teaching me how to be observant and for learning the difference between the hot air that goes in balloons versus that which comes from the mouths of babes – be they 9 months, 19 years, or 90 years of age.  Celebrate that you are an expert!  Now, keep the rest of your opinions to yourself.  Thanks!

whats your opinionsGo Ahead…Give Your Opinion, It’s OK

See, now that you’ve read my entire blog post.  This officially makes you an expert on it’s content.  You’ve read the words, seen the images, and gotten to the point where I now ask for your expert opinion.  What do you THINK about my blog?  Go ahead, drop your opinions down below with your name and website.  For an added bonus, if you leave a bit of CommentLuv with your most recent blog post, I get to go and read your blog and leave my opinion.  THANKS!

Happy Inside. Happy Outside… …that’s just my opinions.  🙂

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My opinion is I really liked your blog. There is an old saying “Those who know the least, know it the loudest!” Certainly applies to most opinions, especially the opinions that no one asked for. The MKMMA advice to be the observer is wisdom I am taking to heart.


    Congrats, Fred! You’ve made a fabulous observation. Gives a new assessment of old blowhards. LOL.


I enjoyed your post a lot, Marea! I have found it strangely freeing not to have as many opinions as I usually do.


    Weird, right? I mean, who knew opinions were so prevalent in our daily conversations? Glad you don’t miss them!

Wendy Tebbutt

Aloha Rea, You’re one of the 5 MKMMAers below my name on our 2015 Blog Roll. I’m connecting with each of you individually because I’m having a challenge getting into my dashboard ;-} I’ve been away for 2 weeks, working up in Northern Canada where there was no internet connection – hence my late connection. Anyway, I really enjoyed your blog post ;-)) I’ve also enjoyed your responses on the DigiConn tab activities. Mahalo Wendy Tebbutt (Canada)


    Good day, Wendy! Sorry to hear about your opportunities with your WordPress dashboard. I reach out to you, and see how I may be of assistance. Thanks for your comment, and I appreciate your feedback on the DigiConn. Keep smiling!

Mark Cotter

Well! Living with the facts and not opinions is very freeing and saves a lot of time!
I had fun reading your thoughts. Press on!


    I’m glad my posts are fun, Mark. It’s important to keep lively and playful. Enjoy!


As I was about to say, “I think your blog looks like it came from a Diva – not only, digitally connected-wise, but also any number of other factors that make a great blog post, great. I’m sure I’m not the first to tell you that you have a very honest, freshly expressive, forthright, pleasingly outspoken way of telling it like it is – letting your punches fly at times with a uniquely Marean style. Obviously, I could go on and talk about how much opinionated ground you covered – appropriately compartmentalized and adorned; but the perfect way to summarize nearly leapt off the page when I saw it.


    Great way to reach out, Loren! I’m humbled by your praise, and I thank you for your opinion on my writing style.

Ernie Aiguier

your week 5 blog was how do I state this…ahh I have no opinion at this time


    Ha! That’s hilarious, Ernie! Thanks for your honesty!

Rip Yegerman

Keep at it! Your future self is counting on you!!!


    Thanks, Rip! I really appreciate your support and continued encouragement. I keep at it every day!


My opinion? …..you are THA BOMB! Digital-Diva-wise and human-wise. I just LOVE your humor and straight-forward way of dealing with things 🙂


    Saskia, you are adorable!!! I love your enthusiasm and energy. Your compliments make me blush. Have an amazing day!


Wow, funny and witty, love your writing style, yep I am a fan


    Roz, Sometimes, you just gotta be different! Glad I brought a giggle to your day!

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