Give 6 Months, Get the Rest of Your Life Back

Some People Think a New Life Happens in College, NOT!

The greatest change, or personal growth, process happens AFTER college.  All those classes, hours spent studying, and stress over finding the perfect job to payoff your college loan debt.  What did you really get for it?  A headache?  A golden parachute?  More lost than when you first started?
I went to college.  A darn good one too.  I graduated with an industrial engineering degree with a minor in music.  Got a job, traveled the world on the company dime while making process improvements.  It was a blast!  Granted, it wasn’t personally fulfilling.  It was just a job.  I mean, we were told to grow up and get jobs, not fall in love with them, right?  What if you could have both – a job and personal fulfillment?
See, that’s why we participate in personal development courses.  To go that one step further.  To push through to that itch we’ve been scratching.  To fill a void we never really knew existed until we opened our eyes and saw it staring right back at us.  Sometimes, we never really knew how far we have come until we stop, pause, take a look back, reflect, pause again, and say, “Wow, what a journey!”
I’ve been on a journey with the Master Key Mastermind Alliance for the past 3 years.  A 6 month course some how evolved into a brand spanking new career path for me.  

I credit most of today to yesterday, and I appreciate tomorrow before it even arrives.

 Recently, we had to take a survey.  I was so stunned by my own answers, that I copied them before hitting the submit button.  I share them here for you to see if perhaps something like this may be something for you.

What was your number one reason for joining the Master Key Experience Course?

Geez, it was years ago. I had started in Go90Grow Think and Grow Rich, and I completed all 14 weeks. Since it was given in the summer that year, the end of it overlapped with the start of the Master Key. I had given so much, grown so much, and learned so much amazing stuff about myself at a point in my life when I was going through a career change and trying to find my place in the big scheme of life. (Editor’s Note:  I was laid off, became a stay-at-home mom, and kids were starting to leave the house.  Sound familiar anyone?)  I mean, what was next for me to do? Where did I belong? MKMMA was pitched as The Next Step in personal development from that point. I didn’t hesitate. I just said yes. Eyes wide open and totally clueless as to what was to come. I’m an anti-Big Brother, avoid the internet kind of gal. Blogging and tweeting was something I did because I had to do it, and I did it as little and as impersonal as possible.  (Editor’s Note Again:  Yeah, might surprise you to know that I co-founded a website development company along with an online training course program.  Shhhh, I don’t know if Big Brother knew yet.  LOL.)

Can you describe in a few words what impact doing the Master Key Mastermind Alliance course has had on your life?

I found out who I was. I discovered what I was meant to do next. I learned how to manifest my desires and be open to whatever may come my way. I smile more. I walk taller. I’m happy….even when everyone else thinks my life should suck (Editor’s Note:  I don’t have one.  Just wanted you to see how much I truly love my life). I don’t care what anyone else thinks anymore…ever…at all. I live for me. I do whatever I want to do…as long as it doesn’t take away from anyone else or cause disharmony. I give more. I get more. There’s no way to explain what happened. I just feel different. I act different. I live differently. I’m not really sure what the impact really was beyond saying it simply as this – my life wouldn’t be what it is today if it hadn’t been for the master keys, and I think my life today is pretty freaking amazing full of inspiring people doing amazing things all for the good of the world all around the world. Pretty amazing turn out for just a 6 month course!


Real Change Happens When YOU Decide to Change!

Is today the day?  I get it. I write about the course alot.  I can’t stop blogging about it.  SOOOOOO much has happened in my life.  My family is happier.  I’m happier.  I mean, doesn’t going from depressed to downright jumping off the walls with glee sound like a better place to be?  I learned some amazing tools in college for thousands and thousands of dollars over the length of 4 years.  For just a buck (that’s $1 USD) and 6 months, The Master Key Mastermind Alliance gave me tools with habits and put them all in a nifty mental tool box that I can pull out and use whenever necessary.  When you mastermind with others going through the exact same thing as you, then it’s like being in a comfortable and accepting place.  Yeah, it feels just like college – no pain, no gain.

More Change is Coming Soon!

Yes, I’m changing it up.  I’m in a mastermind right now about list building and helping others discover the Master Key Mastermind Alliance.  (Yes, this mastermind is a group of amazing people from all over the world who completed the MKMMA for their own personal and professional development initiatives.)  This course happens entirely online, and it’s only offered once a year.  To better reach people who are more like me, I want to blog about me, what I like, and how I can help others find themselves and what they like.  Since all things are evolutionary processes, I look forward to keeping in touch as I improve. There is no reason on this earth why you need to wait for me so you can start to change. 

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Deanna Bordelon

Awesome blog Marea! I love ‘everything is an evoluntionary process’!! It certainly is…Keep going…

    Marea Adejuwon

    Thanks, Deanna! I keep going…..!! 🙂

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