My Life Turned to Sh*t after the Master Key Experience

Woah!  Did she just say “sh*t”?!

Yeppers!  There’s a really good joke about a bear and a bunny taking a deuce in the woods.  The bear goes #2, turns to the bunny, and asks, “Does Sh*t stick to your fur?”  The bunny, having finished it’s #2 experience replied, “no, it does not.”  The bear says, “Great!”  He then proceeds to grab the bunny, and use him and his fur to wipe his bottom end free of his recent toilet experience.  Now, if you’re not grabbing your sides in laughter and falling out of your chair, I attribute that to poor delivery through the internet.

What if Sh*t Were Golden?

Shit_Fountain_sculptureThere’s a couple of old sayings…

  • The sh*t really hit the fan now
  • Watch out, or you’ll step in shit
  • My sh*t doesn’t stink

And the list just goes on and on!!  We spend our lives running away from these experiences to avoid the smell, the mess, and the overall personal nature of such grotesque magnitude.  Yet, what if sh*t were golden?  Would we run away from it, or towards it?

After college, my dad turned to me and asked, “How do you always walk into Golden Sh*t?  Now, seeing as he was the guy who told me the earlier joke, I was a bit leery about what he was going to say (or do) next, if you know what I mean!  Since I haven’t found the chicken that lays golden eggs, I wasn’t exactly sure where these golden deuces were to come from and how they were to land in my walk path.  I had more questions than answers, and I asked him to elaborate.

We Make Our Own Sh*t

From his perspective, I got what I wanted out of life.  The right college.  I was in.  New job?  Got it.  A relocation?  Done.  I didn’t just go after it.  I confidently said it would happen, and then it did.  I never knew when or how, and I was just as surprised as anyone else when it seemed so effortless.  I would just shirk it off as a “Huh, that’s kind of cool.” type of attitude.  I believed in the inevitable being a positive experience as I watched others take a negative approach and get negative results.  While I was producing treasurable golden turds, others made the brown plastic bundles you run away from at gag parties.  At least, that was how he saw it.  Now, how to replicate it and do it on every aspect of my life and share it with others?  That’s a different story!

Sometimes, You Gotta Go Through Sh*t to Get to the Other Side

In October 2013, I enrolled in the Master Key Experience where I was told I could find my definite major purpose, pursue my dharma, and live a life of bliss.  Whaaaatttt??!!!!  I didn’t have to see it to know there were flies buzzing all around that pitch!  Yet, what if it was true?  What if it was golden?  I pinched my nose, closed my eyes, and dove right in to see what lurked within.

Looking back, I have a new perspective, and here are my pros and cons….


  1. I haven’t worked that hard since college.
  2. They told me to keep my mouth shut.
  3. I had to hug people – heart-to-heart.


  1. I haven’t worked that hard since college.
  2. They told me to keep my mouth shut.
  3. I had to hug people – heart-to-heart.

Why do my pros and cons match?  Because it’s true!  Sometimes the things we hate in life end up benefiting us the most, and you have to work hard to get them.  Once you have the skills, they are yours to use like any other tool in your toolbox.  There’s no “going back for more details” or “it only worked during class”.  I own the skills and techniques to apply when, and if, I need them.  What a refreshing experience to have it all at my fingertips!

When you are quiet, you stop perpetuating the unfounded opinions of others and see life for what it truly is.  Now, I love to talk and give my opinion.  This was difficult to learn, and such a valuable lesson when I did apply it!  This is one of those tools I have to bring out every now and again!  LOL.

Hugging people?  You think that’s easy?  That’s about ALL PEOPLE!  Strangers, enemies, family, and friends – no exceptions.  To get love, one must give love.  Mad at someone?  Let it go!  Holding a grudge?  Let it go!  Didn’t get that raise?  Let it go!  Been hurt?  Let it go!  (Feel free to play the song from Frozen!  Hee hee!)  Got it?  Get it!  GOOD!  Feel the weight of your shoulders erase and the lightness of your step feel freeing.  Plus, you get a bit of that “it rolls off like water on a duck’s back” kind of perspective too.

If Grass is Greener, It’s Only Because the Manure is Better!

Overall, the Master Key Experience was a double-edged sword full of scenarios where you wonder what’s next and if you want to keep going.  Well, I kept going.  The grass is greener, because the sh*t is golden – inside and out.  When we are farmers with properly tended fields, the harvest we produce is like none other we’ve ever seen or tasted.  (you see flies, don’t you?)  I continue in the course each year now as a guide to assist others on their journey of personal development and self discovery.  I’ve watched people step in golden sh*t of their own making, and I’m proud to be a part of it.  This is a new twist on self-help courses where you truly learn how to help yourself over and over again long after the class is over.  It’s a 6-month course on how to find your true bliss, live your life fuller, the way you always intended, and the way you want to be.  Here’s just a glimmer of some of my favorites…

  • people quit their jobs and start new successful businesses
  • move to new countries after years of talking about it as a far off never possible dream
  • have spouses more comfortable around them as they shed years of childhood abuse (Their sh*t no longer sticks to them!  An amazing by-product of the class, which was not their initial purpose for attending. It just kind of “happened”.  Awesome!)
  • have children when they were told it wasn’t possible
  • meet the loves of their lives just when they thought they had given up
  • go on trips to support the causes of GMOs, monarch butterflies, and more…

Come!  Turn Your Life to Golden Sh*t in the Master Key Experience!  There’s Nothing Like It!

The course opens again soon.  Just put in your name and email, and I add you to the early bird list when the class opens.  In the meantime, check out this cool free bit about getting positive.



  • Find out the simple shift that makes THE difference in life.
  • Uncover the one secret you need to find true happiness.
  • Kick your negative bias to the curb and eliminate it forever!

Happy Inside.  Happy Outside.

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Carol Marsocci (@MKCarolMarsocci)

Marea, this is great sh*t!!! Smiled all through it! I am visualizing such a great year ahead for all. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge and insight!!! Enjoy, Carol


    I am sooooo excited for the year ahead! The sh*t really hits the fan now! LOL


Love this!


    Hee hee! Thanks!


Thanks, Sandra! The Digital Divas strive to build a path for all to follow where others benefit more than we do. It’s a labor of love, and I delight in having all the ladies to mastermind together. You are super welcome. We are only as good as those who push us drive us to be. So, keep pushing!

Donald Overlander

Holy Sh!t… definitely cracked some clay (!?) off with that one! Marea – I love being part of the Master Key Experience with you and the amazing people who have helped ME change things in my life so that I too am starting to see the ‘Golden’ beneath decades of sh*t that was piled on to who I thought I should be…

Been such a life changing experience so far that I can’t WAIT for this upcoming year and being able to share the scholarship opportunities with people so they too can make the choice to engage and take their own Hero’s Journey!


    Woo hoo! You are truly golden within and without! Change is the only constant in life. Enjoy your journey!

Carolynn Sokil

Love how your pros and cons are the same as each other. I also love how your dad recognized you were stepping in golden sh*t. My dad makes sure I live in good weather – so I guess I have a bit of golden sh*t too. Your take on the Master Key Experience is spot on. Your ability to help others has made this course more than it was. I am blessed and grateful to be here with you! Now…let’s go make other people’s sh*t golden!


Wow! You definitely hit a nerve there, Marea! I got a very strong prompting to send a card of thanks to someone I haven’t reached out to in thanks for a very long time. Thanks for the kick in the rear end!


    Good Day, Suzanne! You’re super welcome for the delicate bump to your rear. Celebrate the reconnection and just let it go!

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