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My “Secrets”

An Introduction I was cleaning out an old email account today in preparation for increased simplification of my life along with a bit of rebranding involved in my social media efforts.  I happened upon this email message originally sent to a friend on Thu 8/29/2013, 10:22 PM. My “Secrets” all Laid out in Email Dear Friend, […]

Learn about promises from Veggie Tales

What can a hairbrush teach you about keeping your promises? Our church library enables people to borrow videos too.  Last weekend a Veggie Tales episode made it to our DVD player.  It was called Minnisota Cuke and the Search for Samson’s Hairbrush.  I should have read closer to see the fine print – “A Lesson in Dealing with Bullies”. […]

Energy Exists Within You (Week 3)

Stop Looking Around! Get a mirror.  Pinch yourself.  Your energy is right where you are at this very moment!  Now, how do you feel?  Why do you feel that way?  Get up.  STAND UP!  Stretch your physical muscles.  Stretch your mental muscles!  Grab a broom.  Clean out the dust, debris, and clutter of your house […]

Week 1 – I am truly blessed

That’s what she said “I am truly blessed” is how her email started.  I received it on Sunday, September 27th, after the weekly webinar for the Master Key Mastermind Alliance.  First, I’m thinking, “Wow, these new members really want to get their DMPs reviewed!”  Then, I start reading the story of Debbie Questal, a member […]

My Master Key Experience

A Reflection It’s been 2 years.  Why am I still here?  I’d say it’s for the food, and yet everything is online – no food included.  I’d say it’s for the fun, and yet it’s all about the work.  So, what is it then?  Let’s take a moment of reflection to think of the … […]

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