Master Key Experience Interview

In 2013, I started taking this little known course about the Master Key Experience.  It was spouting things I had never heard about and asking me to do things I never considered before.  Despite my industrial engineering background, I’m a full blown believer in Big Brother haunts all things electronic, and this class required a weekly blog. WHAT?!  I had to share personal things?!  WHAT AGAIN?!  Thankfully, it’s all backed by science.  (Click the link above for a sample)  Phew.  And I only have to share what I’m comfortable with.  Double phew!  I had reservations, hesitations, and every other negative -ation word that comes to your mind.

Here I sit 2 years later…blogging on an electronic device connected to Big Brother’s monitors LOL …, and I have a life I love which I contribute mostly to the Master Key Experience.  See, I was missing family time, lacking a direction in life, grasping at ideas of what I wanted to do on a daily basis, and wandering around mentally as well as physically.  I wanted so much without knowing how to get it or what even “IT” was that I wanted.  Such a vicious cycle!

What’s different?  Me.  I learned how to change through applying daily habits.  I built a toolbox for life where I continue to apply what I learned whenever I need a boost to live my destiny.  I sold my house faster than everyone thought possible for a price which seemed improbable.  My career path took a Wizard of Oz twist, and I now co-own a website design company.  WHAT?!  Shhhh!!!!  Big Brother is listening!  Hee hee!  🙂  Through learning how to form my own mastermind alliances, the world and my future are oysters waiting with succulence to be opened, shared, and enjoyed by one and all!

Here’s a short clip about Helping People Help Themselves…

Check out the full Richard Bliss Brooke interview featuring Mark J, the World’s Laziest Networker, and the Master Key Experience program.

Mark Januszewski is the World’s Laziest Networker, and he evolved from network marketing into his true passion – helping people help themselves to follow their bliss by living the lives they were always meant to live.  We all start somewhere.  Where do you start?

Like Mark, our careers take twists and turns, and I’m happy to say I live my bliss and continue to focus on living my definite major purpose.  I am grateful, and I encourage you to read the short essay about a positive mental attitude that started the greatest evolution in my life.  Just include your name and email for an essay along with updates on future posts and news of the next Master Key Experience launch.  You just might help yourself!

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Happy Inside. Happy Outside!

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Sandra Owen

Can empathise completely Marea. The MasterKey Experience is life changing. You and the team are doing an awesome job with the tech stuff.

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