Learn about promises from Veggie Tales

What can a hairbrush teach you about keeping your promises?

Our church library enables people to borrow videos too.  Last weekend a Veggie Tales episode made it to our DVD player.  It was called Minnisota Cuke and the Search for Samson’s Hairbrush.  I should have read closer to see the fine print – “A Lesson in Dealing with Bullies”.

tomatoesIf you understand the Law of Attraction, then you know that whatever you talk about, think about, and fear the most are things which become manifested into your life.  Personally, I believe the world can do with a lost less bullies between the life cycle of the womb to the tomb.  I’m sitting there rolling my eyes and fighting the urge to shut the movie off and teach everyone about how to love one another.  Don’t even get me started about the strange promotional short clip about the marvels of pizza.  Not the best food option to be promoted by a bunch of vegetables!  Thankfully, the cucumber, broccoli, and tomato pulled a pea out of hat and resolved everything (kind of) without violence.  (Psst!  Don’t then know that a tomato is a fruit?)

Click here to discover cucumbers may be classified as fruits too?


A hairbrush and a broken promise

hairbrushNow, Minnesota Cuke is out treasure hunting to locate Samson’s hairbrush on the principle that it contains all the power Samson lost when his hair was cut.  I had to do a bit more research to turn cartoon into a Bible story.  Before his birth, Samson’t parents were visited by an angel who said if their son drank no wine, avoided haircuts. and stayed away from dead people, then he would be granted powers to “take the lead in delivering Israel from the hands of the Philistines.” (You can do your own research on Judges 13:3-5 and Numbers 6:2-8 for more details.)

All his life, Samson was told how crucial he was as a leader and how important it was that he kept his vows, or promises, to God to remain true to these three commitments.  From what I read, he didn’t really keep those promises very well.  In fact, he flaunted himself, lauded himself over others, and pretty much thought he was untouchable, a braggart of sorts.  Then, his hair is cut, and he becomes the conquered instead of the conqueror.

Read how the Bible to says the fall of man was due to a woman, Delilah.


The haircut or the broken promise, which came first?

To lose his hair, Samson had to tell others that his power was retained in his hair.  To offer one your Achilles heel is to tempt fate to have it pricked.  To avoid fulfilling your destiny is to show weakness by exposing your weak link to others so that they may use your own words against you to take your power.  To share the promise was a braggart’s way to empower others to defeat him.  The haircut was simply the manifestation of a reality Samson was attracting to himself – the successful breaking of each of his promises.  The moment he uttered his weaknesses, he tempted others to use them for their good and success in their definite major purpose.

Now, I’m pretty far from being an avid Bible reader, and this video really sent me to the Google pages to see what was written on the subject.  I mean, what if these Veggie Tales were right?  What if broken promises is what takes away our power?


The moral of keeping our promises.

Each and every day, I read aloud my commitments to myself, and I say “I promise to…” just before I read the list, and I end with “I always keep my promises.”  Some days, I forget to do it, and other times I tell people how important it is to do the same.  What if all of my power is stored within my promises?

My commitments to myself to remain on task, make progress, and be true to the success and attainment of my definite major purpose are on that card. If I fail to keep my promises, and I defeating myself as Samson did when he gave away his power by disclosing how others could break his promises for him?  When I tell family, friends, and strangers of my definite major purpose, am I giving away my strength when I do not fulfill my promises to attain this purpose?  Does my stature with my children drop when my commitments to them become a forgotten promise instead of a fulfilled experience?

The moral is this – no one can take your power from you.  Only you can give it away bit by bit until you have no more.  To remain powerful and respected, you must keep your promises, fulfill your commitments, and lead others by example of your completed actions.  Not everything in life is successful and awesome.  Yet, something which is proven and demonstrated is something which is appreciated and understood.

Be the leader.  Walk ahead.  Keep your promises.  Regain and retain your strength.  Everything starts with small steps.  A proven history gives power and belief to your words today.  What do you promise?  Drop a comment below, and let me know.  I believe in you and your inner power.


Watch the movie for yourself.

VeggieTales – Minnesota Cuke and the Search for… by papagiannakis_iosif

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