Good Habits are Rockin’ the Master Key Mastermind Alliance! (Week 6)

A Few Brave Souls…

This class has some activities which remind me of a carnival ride, The Rotor, which would come through town about once a year or so.  Everyone would stand in line just to ogle the brave souls boarding the rotating thing that spun so fast you stuck to the wall once the floor dropped out and literally left you hanging there.  From this video clip, you can see how few brave souls crossed the threshold into the unknown to stretch themselves beyond their comfort zone.  Would you go for a spin, or would you watch???

Going for a Spin…

HikingThat’s us.  The brave 300 who started a seemingly solo journey.  (I’m reminded of the movie, 300,  where they too were a small group of brave souls against many.  Only, it’s us for and against ourselves.)  Anyway, we won’t all make it to the end as it’s scary when the floor drops out, our breath catches in our throats, and new things make us want to vomit.  For those who push on, the assignments are more than just homework.  They’re making a difference.

Thinking Big Things…

Thinking Man in CementWhat will thinking get you?  Whatever you think about.  What a concept!!!! Just this week, a member of our Master Key Mastermind Alliance, Nestor, blogged about how he has been focusing on being positive and giving more to others in service.  Next thing he knew, his family was being blessed with a car they desperately needed, and they had been thinking about it ALL YEAR LONG!!!  Give more, get more, folks!!!!  It works!!!

Building Good Habits…

Hiker Gazing at Stairs - With ShapesAlong the journey, our guide to discovering our individual true core values, gives us clues along the way.  Colors and shapes dot our paths and become pasted on our walls.  Car dashboards now represent our futures.  Press releases project the future and change the present.  No matter how scary, goofy, different, odd, or childish anything may sound to our ears.  We’re doing it!  Barely six weeks have gone by, and we’re starting to do it subconsciously!  That’s the wildest part about it.

I had a pretty unexpected couple of personal days, and my attempts to fight off negativity and opinions has been a struggle.  Yet, I continue to get better and better everyday.  Just when I thought today was going to put me back at the bottom, I started ambling about my house picking up this, moving that, doing such and such to cross it off my list.  Next thing you know, I EFFORTLESSLY performed my weekly tasks, and here I sit typing up my blog a couple days ahead.

Celebrating Often!!!

I DID IT - Girl on a Hill Top

See, these little tiny tasks were part of my Service Card and my Written Plan of Action Cards.  I read them aloud several times throughout the day, and clearly the good habits have become something simply automatic for me.  I can’t even begin to express how awe inspiring this moment is to me on what might have otherwise been a low moment.  So, no matter how many speed bumps and road blocks that life may throw your way, a clear focus on the actions you need to complete for progress in your life will continue. As the Observer, I must keep my eyes wide open for the unexpected moments of realization that this Master Key Mastermind Alliance is working, and always remember to celebrate with…

I DID IT!!!  I CAN be what I WILL to be!!!  WE ARE DOING IT!!!

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Kevin Smith

Good thinking. That’s great about Nestor. It does work


    Kevin, You’re totally right! It does work. I managed to manifest someone else trimming down my garden, which was in dreadful need. In all the years I’ve lived here, it’s never been done by the landscaping crew. Hence, it really does work…even for the little things in life. Good to know! – Marea


We can!


    Laurie, Oh, so true!!! – Marea


I celebrate with you your amazing success!! Great post!!
thank you.


    Liliana, Thanks! It’s wonderful to celebrate with friends! – Marea

Mark Farrell

Marea, I love your blogging style! “The Brave 300″…. yes, that’s us alright! And 6 weeks in, and we’re still here. Thanks for sharing, and glad you’re remaining positive.


    Mark, Thanks! I love all the different styles I see, and I still feel unique. It’s great to be different in such a large group of the same people. – Marea

Heather Plude

I used to LOVE those rides where the bottom fell out. I was the one on the side turning upside-down on my head. Your picture of the shapes and the staircase is fabulous. It really puts it into reality for me. That’s one thing I haven’t been doing is really looking for those shapes in my environment. I think it’s happening without me really putting much thought into it… I like the trees for green triangles too!



    Yeah, I KNOW exactly who those upside down folks were!!! Wow, you truly are an out of the box kind of girl. Happy to know you!


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