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I used to love snow days, and then I had kids

Snow is no longer fun, right Bizzy Moms?  I’m no longer off work relaxing, enjoying tea, and snuggling under mountains of blankets. Nope, I’m breaking up ridiculous disputes over not sharing as munchkins suffer claustrophobia and lash out at each other and themselves. Instead, I’m bundling up for sledding adventures, fighting off frostbite, gathering snow […]

Women Leave the Past Behind

And, of course, men do too. Now, I’m not saying therapy doesn’t work, I’m just sharing these women did years of therapy and oodles of support from their husbands, and one 6-month course (which doesn’t include therapy) changed their worlds around for the better. See, the class is over now, and they only recently revealed […]

Out of the Mouths of Babes!

February 23, 2015

Kids Say the Darnedest Things! As parents we tend to hide our bad and sad moods from our children.  Somehow, we think we’re protecting them from the pitfalls of life, or perhaps we’re demonstrating strength by never showing weakness.  Let’s face it folks, they don’t miss a beat.  We must be emitting some kind of […]

Parenting Snow Survival 101

February 13, 2014

“How do you keep your kids entertained when everyone is trapped inside?!” That’s what I was asked by a good friend of mine.  Here’s the honest to goodness truthful answer which I provided her.  Disclosure Statement:  Comments are made in jest, and no one was injured during indoor snow day survival this afternoon. “Ah, the […]

Self Confidence

February 9, 2014

Have you ever been told… “Be persistent!  Just keep going!  Never give up hope!  Just be patient.  Don’t stop now!  You’re almost there!  Perseverance is what you need! See, you did it!!!  Congrats on being persistent!  I knew you could do it!!!  I had all the faith in you!” Did you believe them? Maybe you […]


February 2, 2014

Why 2.2.2014? Well, it’s 6 years before my grandfather’s 100th birthday.  See, that’s the date I set to ACHIEVE some pretty big hairy audacious goals (Go, Darren Hardy of Success magazine for that phrasing!), but it’s what I WANT to do.  I’m tired of getting things ACCOMPLISHED, hitting milestones according to everyone else’s timeline.  This is MY TIME. […]