Energy Exists Within You (Week 3)

Stop Looking Around!

Get a mirror.  Pinch yourself.  Your energy is right where you are at this very moment!  Now, how do you feel?  Why do you feel that way?  Get up.  STAND UP!  Stretch your physical muscles.  Stretch your mental muscles!  Grab a broom.  Clean out the dust, debris, and clutter of your house – physically and mentally.  Yes, your brain needs a good cleaning out every now and again.  Sit and concentrate.  Really, really, really concentrate on something you want the energy to do.  Don’t focus on anything else except what it would feel like to get done whatever it is you have always wanted to do.  It could be today, last month, or even last YEAR!  The time is NOW, to get it done.  Need a second opinion?  Check out what Lance has to say on the matter…

Lance Finds Energy Within…

Here is the start of a stunning observation made by Lance during his week 3 blog…

The progression of thought continues. There are many things that I don’t understand but I know that the exercises and content are designed to build new habits and a new future.

Learning the source of my energy is the Solar Plexus was eye opening and showed me that my source of power is within me and completely within my control and not something external that I am a victim of. Wow, this energy can be controlled by my conscious thought can be directed to eliminate my fears and ills.

My predominant mental attitude controls what I experience in life. I can direct my energy by mentally concentrating upon the condition which I desire to see manifested in my life.

Of course I need to know exactly what I want in my life which is …Read about the rest of Lance’s Master Key Experience

Go ahead.  My blog’s still here.  Go ahead.  Read Lance’s.  His revelations are spot on truthful!

Energy Within Explodes WithoutWhere is Your Energy?

Is it bottled up?  Do you redirect it to others?  Have you tucked it under the blankets on the sofa?  Does life make your energy radiate all through you?  Are people adding to your energy, or do they drain you of what you have left?

If you were a bottle of liquid, do you fizzle and pop, or are you flat?  When a stirrer[re: catalyst or genuine concentrated focus] swirls around within you, do you explode or deflate?

Are you shaken or stirred?  I’d love to know!  Drop a comment below to share where your energy originates!

Happy Inside.  Happy Outside.   …this is where my energy is.


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