About Marea

You want to know what???

If you’re reading this message, it means you that you found me on the internet.  Yikes!  That’s something I never thought about before 2013.  When you put yourself out there in the digital world, people want to know who you are.  It’s getting back into being personal and relating to a person that makes the best digital connections.  So, the only thing you can do is dive on in and give of yourself what you can in a new environment.

MareaTesting the waters….

Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening.  My name is Marea Adejuwon.  I can truthfully say that being a social media technological wiz kid was never a feather I thought I would put in my cap.  It was October 2013, and I started blogging, and I’m still doing it?!  Seriously, I shock myself, and pretty much everyone who knows me is catching flies as their jaws dangle open.  Most people share more, but this site is pretty much geared to those who don’t…but want to anyway.  It’s an odd little twist, but I’m willing to see where it takes me.

Welcome to my site of exploration, discovery, and confidence building.  Read my Master Key blog, and you’ll see what I’m all about!  We live in an amazing world, and those who stretch themselves to try new things find themselves in new places.  Thanks for joining me in mine…

Sharing in a digital world…

So, my family and friends would be most shocked considering that the first words out of my mouth after a photo is “Please don’t post this on the internet.  We like to keep our privacy.”  HA!!!  This is as public as it gets!  In the past 14 weeks and the upcoming 26 weeks, I’ve learned (and will continue to grow) so much that it simply should be shared.  Now, I’m itching to share with everyone the discoveries I have made about myself and how just a little bit of Family Positive Mental Attitude can make an impact beyond our own household.

PMA = Positive Mental Attitude. In the family, it’s even more important. I took a course in 2013, which changed my life, made me a better parent, and influenced my kids in ways I didn’t even know was possible. Sometimes, things are so cool that I want to blog about them in the event they change your life too. Want happier kids?  Get Family PMA!

Actually, a lot of what you read on my blog is something which never occurred to me before the Master Key Mastermind Alliance, a 6-month kick in the keister self-development course with a bit of professional development thrown in for fun.

Ever spend years of your life with your nose buried in books?  Save yourself some money, time, heartache, and depression.  Invest in yourself first.  Take a journey of self-discovery through the Master Key Experience, a personal development course, to define your definite major purpose and lead a life of bliss.  Your life is never the same!

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