3 Feet From Gold – How Close Are You?

There is a book, 3 Feet From Gold, by Sharon Lechter and Greg Reid.  WOW!  It’s really eye-opening.  I remember the first time I read it that I just kept turning the pages until it was finished.

If you knew that you knew that you knew, QUIT PRETENDING THAT YOU DON’T! !!!

How many times do you think “this is it”, and then you run away? If you played like you practiced, is it any surprise that you are in last place? I mean, it’s not like you were practicing, right?

Is success scary? Do you find the respect of your peers to be appalling? Does the opportunity to work from home, make your own hours and be with your kids simply turn your stomach? Oh, what about making more money part time than you used to make full time, disgusted, right?

I knew it! You lack potential, drive, the verve of dedication, the thick skin of rejection, the sweet taste of victory, the smile of freedom, the Peace of a flush bank account, the sanctuary of a retirement nest egg turning into the golden goose laying more eggs instead.

I mean, you’re just a good for nothing, lazy excuse for a human being who needs to pick up the shovel and dig deep within themselves to find the gold within you. Yes! You’re closer than 3 feet to gold! It’s mere inches away!measuring-tape11

If any if this rings true for you, click here NOW to stand up for yourself and take control.

Here, don’t take my word for it. Check out this free book, do exactly what it says for 7 days, and tell me what you want to do with your life. THEN DO IT!!!!

Or, just keep doing what you’ve always done and be satisfied with what you’ve always gotten. No? Not appealing? Again, click here…

Did you know, if you can see it in others then it exists within yourself? If that’s true, the same can be said that if I can see it in myself than it must also exist in others. I know I’m 3 feet from gold. I know I have to pick up the proverbial shovel more frequently with a fever I’ve never before known. I know I see, feel, taste, smell, and hear the gold (it sounds like ocean waves at 3 pm on a Tuesday for absolutely no other reason then they are near me).

I believe in you. The gold is there for you too. I believe in you. You live the life you were always meant to live. I believe in you. You share your greatness with the world, and the world thanks you with actual gold currency. I believe in you. You stand at the mountaintop of success as you bend down to help others do the same or better. I believe in you. You are the best digger and excavator of the golden treasure buried within you. I believe in you. You put yourself on display in the marketplace and you are rewarded. I believe in you. Do you?

Leave a comment of “yes” below if you are prepared to dig those last 3 feet together. You get nowhere in this world without a mastermind. I believe in you!!!!



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Liane Hack

I believe you are sitting right on top of the gold. I for sure know it is inside you. Keep digging my friend.

    Marea Adejuwon

    Good Day, Liane! Thank you for your support and confidence. I appreciate your confidence in me. My shovel is sharpened, and I dig with a vengeance!

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