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My “Secrets”
An Introduction I was cleaning out an old email account today in preparation for increased simplification of my life along[...]
Learn about promises from Veggie Tales
What can a hairbrush teach you about keeping your promises? Our church library enables people to borrow videos too.  Last weekend a[...]

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Digital Connections Diva

In 2013, I took my first online course, and it required that I blog weekly while I charted a path of self-discovery using an online journal to track my progress. From there, I invested in a website with a blog to see if I wanted to stay online and what I would do with an internet presence.  I knew nothing, and I listened to the Digital Connections webinars for clues about anything.  

Here I am, 3 years later, and now I own an online website development company launching learning websites just like this one where others can find their online calling too.  Plus, I restructured, simplified, and now lead the weekly webinars to help others reach out via social media to spread their messages.  I am humbled by how far I have come only to know that I have so much farther to go.  I am blessed to work with an amazing team of people.  I am honored to educate others who desire to discover and share their passion.

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